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First Internet Bank Of Indiana

Starting on 2-10-2015 First Internet Bank will be moving to a new Secure Mailbox Email client called ShareSecure. You will be able to access your secured information from this account current Secure Mail account until 3-12-15. If you have any documents or emails stored in your current Secure Mailbox, Mail account you will want to download those from Secure Mail. Your next secure correspondence from your First Internet Bank contact will direct you to our new ShareSecure website. The ShareSecure site will continue to allow you to share confidential information with First Internet Bank securely along with adding some new functionality and upgraded security.You will need to setup register a new account with ShareSecure. This ShareSecure account will work in the same way your last Secure Mail account did. If you have any questions regarding this transition to ShareSecure please send an email to bank@firstib.com.